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Legal Career

My experiences included litigation in the areas of class actions, civil rights, product liability, medical malpractice, aerospace, insurance, federal criminal law and domestic violence.

Representative clients included Fox Corporation, Morton Thiokol, Martin Marietta, Lloyds of London, Governor of Indiana, Notre Dame University female faculty, Charles Finley and many people who were disadvantaged by a lack of resources.

Legal Experience

Private Practice of Law

South Bend, IN

Senior Associate

Phelon, Pope & John

Chicago, IL

Senior Associate

Adler, Kaplan & Begy

Chicago, IL

  • Admitted to the Indiana Supreme Court, 1975

  • Admitted to Southern District of the Federal District Court of Indiana

  • Admitted to the 7th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals

  • Founded the Women’s Legal Clinic, South Bend, IN

  • Admitted to Illinois Bar, 1985

  • Admitted to 7th Circuit Federal Court for Northern District of Illinois

Private Practice of Law

Chicago, IL

  • Chief Mediator for Cook County Circuit Court

  • Trial Qualified Status for 7th Circuit Civil Division

  • Volunteer Litigator for Indigent

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